Intermediate students enjoy First Nations Studies

Thursday, 24. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell

School District #60’s District Cultural Aboriginal Student Support Worker, Diane Barclay, brought traditional Aboriginal artifacts to Taylor Elementary Library for the students to explore, touch, and discuss.  What a treat! …and a fantastic learning experience.  Thank you.

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BC Lions “In the House” sponsored by CN

Wednesday, 23. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell

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Presenters:  #56 Solomon Elimimian  #44 Adam Bighill  #27 JR LaRose

The BC Lions Football Club is pleased to partner this season in the launch of a longstanding and popular school program, Lions in the House presented by CN.

Created specifically for youth in grades six through nine, the redesigned Lions in the House initiative is focused on the power of choice and being the best you can be. In particular, students will be challenged to examine their choices as it relates to their own personal safety around railway tracks.

An interactive assembly interspersed with athletic competitions that provide a unique opportunity for the students to compete against each other, Lions in the House features speeches by prominent Leos as they discuss their own experiences in making significant life choices.

This past spring, the Lions visited 25 schools located throughout the province, including the lower mainland, Terrace, Kitimat, Kamloops, Pemberton, Squamish and Whistler.

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Robin Stevenson – Author visit

Tuesday, 22. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell


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Biography:Robin Stevenson is the author of more than a dozen books for children and teens. She has always loved reading and still finds it almost impossible to walk past a library or bookstore without going inside. Robin spends most of her time writing, hanging out with her homeschooled son, and teaching creative writing to adults, teens and kids. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her family. For more information, visit Robin loves to hear from readers—and she always writes back.

Taylor Elementary School Students perform beautifully!

Tuesday, 15. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell

Missoula performance theatre visited Taylor Elementary School last week.

Monday was the day for students to audition for their parts.

They practiced Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Friday was performance day!

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Missoula members visit the classroom!

Tuesday, 15. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell

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Science World – On the Road visit

Thursday, 10. April 2014 by Doreen McDonell

Taylor Elementary was so excited to see the presenters from Science World.  The show was fast paced, thought provoking, and a whole lot of fun!

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