Student Bricks

We have taken pictures of the student bricks that were painted in the gymnasium in an effort to eternalize the “footprints” of students made so long ago! We hope you enjoy looking back.

IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9180 IMG_9181 IMG_9182 IMG_9154 IMG_9155 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9160 IMG_9161IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMG_9165 IMG_9166IMG_9167 IMG_9168 IMG_9169 IMG_9170 IMG_9171IMG_9172 IMG_9173

IMG_9133 IMG_9137 IMG_9139 IMG_9140 IMG_9141IMG_9142 IMG_9143 IMG_9145 IMG_9146 IMG_9147IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9152IMG_9153 IMG_9154