Science World Visit 2015

Science World On The Road visits over 30,000 students each year at schools all over the province. Our high energy, curriculum linked presentations provide an unforgettable science experience for your students.

It’s a Gas

Discover the amazing ways air can push as marshmallows squish, toilet paper flies, and water stays mysteriously suspended overhead. Recommended for grades K–4.

Energy in Action

Explore chemical, electrical, kinetic, and other types of energy with spectacular demonstrations like the water rocket launcher, the rubber chicken slingshot, and the lycopodium fireball. Recommended for grades 4–7.

Extra Sensory Science

Experience the amazing ways we sense the world around us through mind boggling illusions, the jellybean roulette taste test challenge, and the fearsome chair of nails. Recommended for ages K–7.
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Posted on Wednesday, 29. April 2015 at 16:04

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