Framework for Enhanced Student Learning

At Taylor Elementary we are committed to focussing on areas of need each year. Staff and PAC meet yearly to identify the greatest areas of need. We then agree on ways to collectively work on gaining strength in those areas. One such area of need in the past few years was in reading comprehension and when focussing on ways to improve in that area we helped build strategies that are still used to help students today, but will not be found in this year’s Framework, as we have identified greater areas of need for the next three years.

School Goals:

  1. To improve student performance in reading fluency and comprehension, by also finding ways to improve student engagement in reading.
  2. To improve students sense of belonging and school pride.
  3. To improve students performance in the knowledge, skills and attitudes related to Mathematics and problem solving.

Posted here is a link to information about our school and our goals for this year.


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