Reading Challenge Update – March 2022

The Winter Olympic Reading Challenge was a great success. Congratulations to all the hard-working readers and thank you to the parents for their many hours of reading, encouragement, and support.  Taylor students read for over 80,000 minutes during the month of February with 80% participation across the grades! Our top readers in each class were Cora Brown, Nathan Davidson, Gwen Brown, Hank Taillefer, Maizy Taillefer, and Leila True. We had many other students that astonished us with the amount of reading they did this month and some students that stepped out of their comfort zone and participated for the first time. We are extremely proud of everyone.

Results for the class with the most points have yet to be determined as Mrs. McDonell’s class and Mrs. Austin’s class are in such close contention that a recount is required. The suspense continues.

We took lots of pictures. If you would like a photo of your child with their certificate, please contact your child’s teacher. Our apologies to students who were absent on this day and missed getting their photo taken.

Miss Gould’s Class
Mrs. Kennelly’s Class
Mrs. McDonell’s Class
Mrs. Austin’s Class
Mrs. Beaudoin’s Class
And the winners are………
Mrs. Taillefer’s Class